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Getting The Most Out of Life?

Since becoming a Certified Financial Planner in 1995, I have worked with all kinds of people in all kinds of financial situations.  

My passion is to help you reach your short and  long-term financial goals resulting in a life well lived. 

I will review where you are now and provide you with a plan to follow.  Areas addressed may include:

Cash flow, Life/health/

Long term care insurance, savings/investments, college savings plans, 

taxes and estate planning.

Simple Fee Structure

I charge $200.00 per hour. Our first meeting is at no charge and allows us time to get acquainted and see if we desire to work with each other.  

A simple financial plan may take a short time with less cost and a longer, more involved plan would take more hours. 

Individuals that can benefit are a newly widowed person, someone ready to retire, or a young family needing to get on the right financial path.

Why Me?

I am independent of any company and I do not sell financial products. 

 I charge a flat fee and no one pays me but the client. There are absolutely no commissions or kick-backs from any companies.  

No trips to Hawaii because I met a sales quota!!

 I will always act in your best interest.

Honesty, integrity and ethical behavior  - that is what you will get and what you need when talking family finances. 

Brian R. Carlton, CFP

Brian Carlton is the owner and financial planner of CFS. After retiring from twenty years with HSC Wealth Advisors in Lynchburg, VA, Brian's passion for helping people make the best decisions for their financial health could not be stopped. Now living in Charlottesville, Brian is bringing his years of experience to this area. He is a fee-only financial planner as well as a licensed insurance consultant. Brian served in the US Peace Corps/Korea, had an early career as a nursing home administrator, and then completed the Certified Financial Planner course work. In 2000, he joined with Rick Huff and Sandy Stuart to form Huff, Stuart & Carlton which grew successfully into HSC Wealth Advisors. Brian brings expertise and focus to critical financial decisions facing a range of clients. Brian enjoys reading, hiking, biking, and various marathons and triathlons.


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